Sunday, March 9, 2008


Hey there! Just got back from contest and was rewarded with a second place finish to my chief rival Rod All in all I was very pleased with how the car turned out as it was a very long two months I spent building it. I can't wait to take it to Minneapolis in June and see how it does at the NNL contest, who knows I might even make it into Scale Auto or Model Cars Magazine that would be unbelievable! I hope to have some updated pics on here very soon so stay tuned.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

Stone Woods and Cook 1941 Willy's A/ Gasser

This kit was built relatively box stock over a six week period and was alot of fun to research and build. Body was painted with five coats of Tamiya black followed by 8 coats of Tamiya Clear, polished out with Tamiya rubbing compound, and finished wih "The Final Detail'' model car wax. Decals were applied on top of clear for a more accurate appearance. Clear Aceltate replaces bulky kit supplied windows. Car number was hand painted on driver side window using toothpick. Interior was painted with various metalizer paints from testors and photoetched five point harnesses with seat belts made from electrical tape.The big elephant motor was treated to aftermarket A/N fittings with braided steel line. A pre-wired distributor helps keep the big Hemi lit. A front mounted moon tank also has aftermarket A/N fittings with
braided line which run up to injector. The parachute on rear was kitbashed from a Tony Nancy dragster kit with parachute cords made from sewing thread and seperate rip cord made from misc wire. The front wheels and tires on car were used from original issue SWC Willy's to be more accurate. Lower rocker panels were also removed for accuracy. I've always loved the Willy's Gasser's and the black 1965 version in my books is the baddest of all time. I hope you enjoy looking at my pics of this legend of the quarter mile.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Swindler

- Undefeated In 1965 -

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